General Features


1- Chemical resistance and corrosion

Excellent resistance to water and chemicals that offers excellent chemical and corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and maintenance.

2- Impact Strength

The combination of plastic PE HD Sandwich absorbent core and offer exceptional impact resistance.

3- UV resistant

Resistant to UV rays that make the product suitable for installation in open spaces.

4- Wear resistance

Plastic materials of high strength and low specific gravity combined with high corrosion resistance, makes the product an exceptionally resistant over time.

5- Thermal Resistance

The product incorporates a high performance foam insulation. The thermal characteristics of the product are designed to work efficiently to freezing temperatures.

6- Environmental

From concept design and materials used, has sought an efficient and sustainable product, always reaching the highest quality and maximizing product life trying to zero maintenance and obtaining a product for life.

7- Easy cleaning and disinfection

The smooth surface and electro-chemical and physical characteristics of PE HD make the product can be cleaned easily and comfortably with detergents or disinfectants and / or degreasing-tes common market. No risk of altering the properties or color of the material.

8- Suitable for food contact

The materials used have obtained various international certificates for use in contact with food.

Technical Features

Base module

All furniture is formed from 1, 2, 3, 4 base modules.


Technical Features Base Module

Compartments base module 5
Volume per compartment 50 liters
Safety lock for compartment
Possibility of customizing security lock
Minimum acceptable temperature -3º C
Recommended operating temperature 5º C

All commercial models are available in two versions. The simplest version, only accessible from one side and the double version, accessible from both sides and double compartments.


Business Models

ICEBOXFISH offers customers two versions of lockers from the base module. Model Belt


  • Fast and easy installation.
  • The advantages of this module are sent to the client that allows the product 100% factory finished and ready to run at the same moment of the delivery on site.
  • From 5 compartments.
  • Available in single or double version.

Compact model


  • More aesthetic, minimalist and elegant design.
  • The advantages of this system consist in obtaining a more compact and more stylish product.
  • From compartments 15.
  • Available in single or double version.