Mama Jane’s Project is a nonprofit organization formed by a team of volunteers who want to improve the lives of many children in Kenya with serious difficulties in accessing school education, basic health and nutrition.


Mama Jane is a Kenyan woman who collects orphans and vulnerable children and gives them a home, education and the opportunity to grow with the love and protection of a mother. Currently lives in a neighborhood of larger slums of Nairobi, where he is responsible for more than one hundred children. From Mama Jane’s Project partners we deal with search and manage assistance we received from various organizations and individuals. All donations are entirely for children of the project. Professional work is done by volunteers who altruistically we contribute their time and expertise. In its early breast Jane and the children ate only once a day food that supermarkets discarded. Since 2013, NGOs Aztivate provides the necessary resources for breast Jane can do the weekly shopping staple food in local shops. From Mama Jane’s Project we address the monitoring and management of this assistance. mama-jane-project The Kobo Kenyan Foundation Trust provides the necessary resources for the education of 60 children Mama Jane since 2013 are studying Primary Care in Modern School. Currently we lack the necessary resources to fund secondary education than twenty teens who are part of the project. Our goal is to get all children of the project can access secondary education and, in future, to college if they wish. In Kenya there is no public health. Today, thanks to monthly contributions from sponsors to Mama Jane’s Project we can meet the most basic health care and the most urgent needs that arise in day to day. Whenever we can, with the help of volunteers, organize meetings and seminars designed to improve hygiene and prevent disease. When we get more resources will hire medical insurance to offer these children a more complete healthcare. Mama Jane has been able to create a home in a slum located in one of the biggest trash dumps Nairobi Slum Sinai. Currently living in three shantytowns while serving kitchen, bedroom and nursery. The rent of the three shacks we pay teaming with inputs from which you can join easily providing just 1 € per month. mama-jane-project In the slum where they live is very difficult to maintain hygiene and ensure their safety. At present, our top priority is to get the resources to move them to a decent home so they can grow up in a safer and basic needs covered environment. We look for people and organizations wishing to collaborate regularly for guarantying a new home for all the children of Mama Jane’s Project. We offer various ways to support the draft Mama Jane, you choose the option that you like.

Sponsor the project

The contributions of godparents of this project allow us to ensure improvements that can be maintained over time. If you want to sponsor, please fill in your details in the form and send it to Monthly charge your account the amount you specify (€ 10, € 20, € 30 or any other number) and we will issue a receipt.

Donations from individuals and / or companies

If you prefer to make a donation point you can enter it directly into the current account of Mama Jane’s Project. We will then make invest in accordance with the needs analysis we do constantly in the field.

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Join our Team

It is also possible to participate with € 1 per month. With these small fixed contributions we can pay some of the most basic needs of the project such as rent and light. It’s simple, fast and safe, you only need to spend three minutes to register through this link:


The draft breast Jane becomes reality thanks to the efforts and dedication of the volunteers involved. If you want to join our team let what would you do and what you want to contribute to the project.We look forward to meeting you and share with you the experience of volunteering! To keep abreast of all developments and progress of the project visit facebook Mama Jane’s Project. We also encourage you to disseminate and share this project with your family and friends. mama-jane-educacion

Thank you for joining our big family! A big hug on behalf of Mama Jane and the children of the project!